La Vietnamita Barcelona is the perfect blend of Asian and Oriental food, harmoniously combined to create healthy and fresh dishes.

Dipping, rolling and sharing is what our food is made for.

Vietnamese food is considered as ying or yang, and always requires a perfect balance: hot with cold, spicy with sour, sour with sweet, fresh with cooked.

We recomment you to share a selection of different dishes and get the local experience.

We use fresh, quality products and do not use any artificial additives, glutamate, or any chemical ingredients in order to produce healthy and nutritious meals.

In our creations we include gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options and elaborate very tasty alternatives to suit every palate. As our customer you can choose the protein that best suits your diet, such as organic tofu, meat, chicken or prawns. Please don’t hesitate to ask our staff.

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In La Vietnamita we prepare our dishes on a daily basis with fresh products. Besides, our dishes are low in fat and a good source of vitamins and minerals, therefore contributing to the reduction of fatigue.

Traditional Vietnamese food is governed by the Asian five element principal. It means that each dish is trying to balance out the five fundamental senses, five types of nutrients and five colours.

Beauty of the dishes for the eye
Sound of the crispy ingredients for the ears
Different spices to entertain the tongue
Aromatic herbs for the sense of smell
Eating with the hands for the sense of touch

Vietnamese cooking is considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide: Full of fresh ingredients, making a minimal use of dairy and oil, using complementary textures and abundant fresh herbs and vegetables; it’s balanced by the five elements and creates beneficial dishes for the body.


Common ingredients include shrimp paste, soy or fish sauce, rice, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. Vietnamese recipes use lemongrass, ginger, mint, long cilantro, Saigon cinnamon, bird's eye chili, lime and Thai basil leaves.

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